Beyond metropolization. Exploring new hybrids

10th International U&U PhD Seminar Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai ENSAP de Lille, 28-30 June 2023 – co-chaired by Chiara Cavalieri and Benedicte Grosjean

Chiara Cavalieri

The 10th U&U Seminar question metropolization, as a hegemonic model, which may not correspond to all forms of urbanization, which may be economically unefficient, spatially unfair, and consumes resources linearly. “Exploring new hybrids” is a way of questioning clear-cut categories, through four crucial topics that urbanism and urbanization are facing today :

Axis 1 – Urban & rural – explores the potential of mixed territories (characteristic of the region), in the climatic issues, especially those related to soils (groundwater, food, fertility, short circuits, etc.).

Axis 2 – Crossborders hybridations – studies the modalities of cooperation for projects between politically autonomous but interdependent communities as a living area.

Axis 3 – Hybridizing resources, addresses all the modalities of circular urbanism and in particular how the purpose of the “Zero Net Land Take” law is implemented troughout Europe.

Axis 4 – Hybridizing practices – analyzes hybrid methods of research-action, design-by-research, research-creation, which are increasingly present in the modalities of urban collective action.



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