Drawing Matters

Drawing Practice as Knowledge Producer

Andrea Anselmo

Taking as its starting point the positions and works of three architects —Martino Tattara (DOGMA, KULeuven) Adrien Verschuere (BAUKUNST, EPFL) and Jan De Vylder (AJDVIV, ETH-Zürich)— this session aims to reflect on the role of drawing as « knowledge producer » and —more specifically— on a kind of drawing ceasing to be a space of security to become a place for reflection, on a kind of drawing renouncing to its role of safeguard to reveal a new dimension of learning and therefore of research.
Three relationships author-drawing will be explored: the mental relationship, linked to metaphorical and conceptual drawing, referring to enigmatic spatial dimensions, often escaping reality; the anatomical relationship linked to refined, technical drawing of plastic precision, devoted to the dissection of reality; and the occasional relationship of hybrid drawing, of collage, oriented towards improvisation and exploration.
The debate will be led by a wide range of participants involved in the practice and study of drawing, including doctoral students, archive researchers, artists, and practitioners (ENSA Paris-La Villette, ENSA Lille, ETHZ, EPFL, KUL, LOCI, UGent, UANTWERPEN, RWTH Aachen University, CIVA and Drawing Matter).



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