Italian Capricci, 1960-70: architecture and the city

Beatrice Lampariello

If there is one phenomenon around which all the heterogeneous reflections carried out since the early 1960s by the young generation of Italian architects revolved, it was the city of the economic boom. For this conurbation, which has outgrown its historical peripheries, cannibalised productive areas and the countryside, certain architects imagined projects that were intended to be theoretical proclamations or poetic narratives, realistic or visionary, critical, or propositional. They have all been developed through a graphic technique that went beyond the traditional architectural drawing in plan, elevation, and section. The conference examines collage as a privileged tool developed by architects with orientations that critics have always recognised as opposed, Aldo Rossi and Superstudio, to compose and arrange architectures in urban landscapes that are capricci of invention for the foundation of new visions of architecture and the city.

Les Leçons de Rome
Musée Des Beaux-Arts De Lyon

Closing lecture, 23 April 2023



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