From text to plan: mapping the Eurometropolitan Blue Space

In OASE 107 The Drawing in Landscape Design and Urbanism

Chiara Cavalieri

Images can be written, drawn or designed. This text reveals these actions as three distinct levels of representation through the analysis of a set of images produced within the framework of the Belgian Eurometropolis Blue Space. The Blue Space is both a cartographic and design project, a progressive visualisation of a common idea, that of water as an agent connecting and (re)collecting regional landscapes, ecologies and policies. Both as part of a unique project and as singular subject of diverse cartographical purposes, this text describes images as texts, maps and plans as written, descriptive or collective cartographies. They are incremental steps in an extended project of territorial visualisation where political, analytical and selective viewpoints blur. Moreover, these images emerge as a non-linear tripartite operation: as an exploration of physical facts; as a spur to the collective imagination, and ultimately as a creative discovery of reconceptualised elements.



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